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AoAlogoChris Palmer, founder of Angle of Attack, also hops on the bandwagon of  ‘bloggers’. His new blog is said to be set up to ‘educate’ pilots and he has posted a first (actually second) post titled ‘Staying Sharp….’. If you are interested and have time to read yet another source of information regarding aviation, then check out Chris’ blog here.

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  1. Thanks a million, Francois!
    I am gearing up to really push out some great articles from now on, and consistently. Here are some topics we’ll be touching on in the near future:

    Crosswind Technique for Flight Simmers
    To Long Haul or to Short Haul, That is the Question
    Haulin’ Cargo
    Why X-Plane is Great for Flight Training

    And more!

    Just want you guys to know I’ve always enjoyed your site, and your community. It is one that is a pleasure to be a part of because there is a great culture around here. Keep up the good work!

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