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prealsoftHere’s another aircraft painter who offers his (paid) services on simMarket to get you your favorite aircraft livery. Prealsoft writes “…. Customize your livery of a real airline or a virtual airlines, in your request please write at minimum this information : Airline Name, Registration Number, Model FS (Manufacturer and Type), Flight Simulator Version,  Others Informations Necessary. For a virtual airline or an specific livery please ask me on Email. Pics are appreciated to add on information of your request….”. You can find more information on here.

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  1. Commendable with a caveat – if you are “doing” any existing commercial aviation as a project for money, you MUST watch out for letters from the copyright holders or their lawyers.

    Why do you think there are no real world liveries in the default flight sim except public domain ones or ones that have been endorsed by the owners.

    Much as people don’t want to hear this, even painting “Lufthansa” and using the Lufthansa logo (or any other corporate identity) on a payware paint can land you in trouble. I say can, not will – most airplane owners will be happy to say yes, not like the recording industries.

  2. Am considering the start-up of a new virtual airline and would like an idea as to what I can expect to pay for an entire fleet of aircraft OR more accurately per aircraft. Willing to pay the right person with references. Any response, referrals, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Am currently working on website and pricing other features. More to this than I originally thought, but gladly welcome all/any challenges.

    Brent Vanderham

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