CF-104 For X-Plane


Two gentlemen who form the Classic Jet Sims group have modeled a highly detailed ‘Starfighter’ for X-Plane, including the ability to drop ordnance and shoot out the pilot in his ejector seat. It also features the brake chute, and more importantly appears to have a lot of special flightmodel features included. Read all about it on their web page here.

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  2. Yea – I have to admit that x-plane is evolving into something more complete. It has a way to go yet, but with the latest release of the BK117 and several other aircraft, there has been a very notable change in 3d cockpits (VC).
    But as stated earlier it still lacks the detailed airport scenery that we are accustomed to in FS9 or FSX. It should be noted that there are some free airport scenery tools to custom create airports.( but frankly I want just to fly not make airfields or planes. Anyways I use x-plane as my secondary flight sim and I am really starting to like it for the frame rate, and newer aircraft being released.

  3. Our CF-104 should be out in another week. It will be used for the few civilian CF-104 pilots still flying the jet in the U.S. and is intended to be accurate enough to use for training purposes.

    I also wanted to make it possible to fly the flight profiles in the cold war days by creating a dynamic radar with a radar shadow algorithm and air-to-air and air-to-air modes, dynamic bombing ranges in which you can drop your bombs and get scoring results, and by modelling the navigation system accurately to provide TACAN navigation and INS navigation options. Anyone interested in the F-104 I think will like this add-on.

    I’ve built the nuclear strike version of the aircraft. You can carry either the dummy BDU-8/B practice nuke or the practice bomb dispenser. Manual and dual-timer bombing modes are supported. The first update I’ll start working on will be for the conventional attack version of the CF-104 and the F-104G. These can carry a lot more types of conventional bombs and the CRV-7 rockets. The F-104G could carry various air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles too. These versions also have more advanced CCIP and CCRP bombing modes. Possibly the F-104S ASAM will be modeled at a future time.

    Regarding X-Plane scenery, any of the MSFS can be used inside of X-Plane. I know I had used a scenery package some time ago. Some info on that is probably here:

  4. The actual conversion process is mentioned here:

    The link from Greg points to Austin’s whishful thinking article released when ACES was closed 😉

    The Starfighter looks good Greg, always been an interesting plane. We had quite a few of them flying around here… on days they would not fall out of the sky. The German countryside was littered with them ! LOL !

  5. F 104 is an awsome plane, follow the link to a short video. Still do not know all the ins and outs but learning. Has anyone got any experience? need some help. Thanks

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