FSD Christmas Sale

FlightSimDevelopers_smTim Dickens of FlightSim Developers (FSD) reports that “…… it has begun its annual holiday promotion, offering substantial cost savings opportunities to all flight simmers. Also, as FlightSim Developers only released the Cirrus SJ50 Vision last week, and its is now being offered  during the holidays at a lower price, a store credit for the price difference has been added to the account of each customer who has just purchased the Vision….”. “…. FlightSim Developers will also be opening a new support forum in the next few days with more contemporary forum software which will make it easier to use in all of the browsers commonly in use today.  For more information just go to the FlightSim Developers website….”.


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  1. Er, but according to the developers quote in a recent debate over at Avsim, they offer a refund service to all customers.
    Yes, that’s what they said.
    So just refund the ORIGINAL purchase, then re-purchase at the new lower price, obviating the need to make another purchase to get the massive discounts on offer.
    Now THAT’S a Merry Christmas!

  2. None whatsoever when the vendor fails to mention the forthcoming sale in a release just a week prior to the sale itself. Instead of actually spending more money (which is the service they offer recent customers because to claim the discount you have to purchase something else), you can actually spend LESS.
    Seems eminently sensible and totally within their stated rules. Besides, the massive saving is a buck ninety-five on most of the recent releases. They won’t miss it.

  3. A credit in the amount of the price difference was automatically given to all of the people who purchased before the sale. An email to that effect was sent to all of those customers earlier this week.

    If you would have checked your facts you would have known that Simon.

    Tim Dickens
    FlightSim Developers

  4. Excellent news.

    The credit applies retrospectively? Or only to subsequent purchases?

    I’ll have a word with my relative who brought this to my attention and he can check his card statement.
    But the principle remains the same. The purchaser CAN obtain a full refund if they are in any way dissatisfied, yes? So if one were, say, unhappy with the featuresets at the price, one can obtain a full refund?

  5. The credit applied retrospectively because the holiday sale started only a few days after the Vision went on sale. Your relative would have received an email from us to that effect.

    We do give a full refund if the software if the customer is not satisfied. Most software vendors do not do that, as you should know.

  6. FSD . . . I host more than 30 repaints for their Porter and free links to their website for over 4 years , but a link in return? no response to any Email. FSD . . . very comercial! but loosing their grip.

  7. Super stuff. He’s not happy but I don’t know whether he’s unhappy enough to seek a refund. Reasons expounded elsewhere. Are you planning on fixing the issues?
    I’ll copy him this topic also.
    I bought the Lionheart Epic LT. Less money, more features. Flight 1 purchase system with clearly-stated refund policy and developer commitment to continuous improvement.

  8. ok gents, enough said, this is for commentaries, and certainly not for rub offs. comments closed.

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