FSAddon Lysander Launch Before Christmas

LZ_073Francois Dumas of FSAddon Publishing reports that “…. our long awaited Lysander Special Operations package will be launched before Christmas 2009 after all. The model included is based on the Lysander still flying at the Shuttleworth Collection in the UK, which is painted in the colors of the Lysanders of 161 Squadron that ferried special agents and spies to and from occupied France between 1942 and 1944, at night…..”.

“…. but thanks to Chuck Jodry and JanKees Blom we will have a model without the extra long range tank and painted in various liveries. This model has been under development for more than three years and the project started back in 2003. So you can call it a ‘pet project’ if nothing else.

Also included is a wonderful virtual cockpit, a very special STOL flight model, initially designed by Rob Young of RealAir fame, an extensive user manual AND a Secret Operations Flight Guide, including some 5 flights based upon the real flights of that time.
More flights will be added for free next year!

Last but not least visitors of the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden Airfield will find a CD version of the package in the museum gift shop and half of the proceeds of those sales will go to the Shuttleworth Collection fund.

Meanwhile, FSAddon is now working on a Lockheed Hudson, as a follow-up to the project. The Hudson was also used to ferry agents to occupied Europe and will be published next year we hope.

The ‘Lysander Secret Operations’ package will cost Euro 24,95 at simMarket, or US$ 34,95 at FSAddon’s own shop. A CD version will be available as a special service from FSAddon Publishing later…..”.

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  2. Psst. Francois… It would be 161st, although the RAF don’t actually use “th” and “st”, so it’s just 161 Squadron.

    Looking forward to seeing Jan Kees and Chuck’s extra work on this one and if you’re doing a Hudson, does that mean that we’ll be seeing a Whitley or a Halifax with 161Sq codes as well? :d

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