P51D Mustang Promo Video

p51dmustang_boxFlight1 mentions they have released a “…. stunning brand new video showcasing this iconic Aeroplane Heaven aircraft in action. The P51D Mustang is an iconic aircraft not only for its prowess as a WWII fighter but also for its indomitable presence at air shows and air races ever since….”.
“….. Flight1 and Aeroplane Heaven have put together a simulation of the Mustang focusing on two restored aircraft — Marinell and Janie, both of which are proudly shown by owner Maurice Hammond (who also features in the simulation at the controls of his Mustangs) at air shows around the country.

The stunning cinematic video of Flight1’s Mustang meticulously recreates the atmosphere of awe and excitement the Mustang inspires. The video can be viewed here….”.

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  1. That’s it! I’m getting this thing… This video totally sold me on it. I just hope it comes with the awesome ‘Hans Zimmer’esque music. 😉

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