Islands in the Sun

Someone sent us a link to ‘Pacific Islands Simulation’ who are currently working on ‘Atolls of Tuvalu’. Yes, we had to look that up too. Apparently a group of small islands somewhere in the Pacific. You can see what they are up to with them on their web site here.

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  1. Wow, how did I miss this one earlier… Just saw the slideshow at Ctheir site and the details are absolutely awesome. Can’t wait to pick this one up. Any inside info on due date? Thanks for the HU.

  2. I can’t help with that, but many of us will have visited Tuvalu domains on the internet, possibly without realising it.

    Seeing as their domain extension of “.tv” could be construed as meaning something other than Tuvalu, particularly in the Western World, a lot of domains with that extension were bought up by broadcasting companies in the US and Europe. 😉

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