Beta Of FS Recorder 2

Matthias Neusinger writes on his forum that “….. It is now almost exactly a year since I started the complete rewrite of the code for version 2. The code has grown to more than 13000 lines (without comments and blank lines), and I spent lots of hours hacking FS9 and FSX to get the new features working.
The first beta of FS Recorder 2 is now available for download. For more details please read the announcement in the FS Recorder forum….”.

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  1. FS Recorder is one of the best hidden tools for flight simulator. I use it extensively when filming videos, and as a result, it has saved me loads of time. It’s gone way beyond just replacing flight sims default replay system.

    For anyone who does the replay function often (to catch shots during landing) this utility is for you. Apparently it even has advanced camera views now along with the already great utility.

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