Can’t Stay In The Lavatory

It is dangerous now to have a diarrhea and stay in a plane’s lavatory for too long. A passenger was dragged from the stool  and arrested by crew and fellow passengers last Sunday, because he stayed on the lavatory for an hour!  Truth be told, this was on a flight from Northwest Airlines from Amsterdam to Detroit and the man was a Nigerian….. like the would-be terrorist that was apprehended a few days earlier on the same flight! Note to self: better stay with flight simulation or just take the car!

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  2. This is yet another chapter in the continuing saga of “over the top” knee jerk reaction by authorities. All this will succeed in doing is hurting the airline industry even more. It seems that government and its associated agencies in this country have lost any common sense they may have ever had. They are aiding in the destruction of an entire industry and thus, giving the terrorists a win by default. When travel by aircraft is necessary, look into the possibility of buying a seat on a corporate or charter aircraft.

  3. I agree Francois. FSX and/or the car are safe bets these days. But air travel is still one of the safest means of transportation. I am wondering why this guy went to the airliner’s lavatory an hour before landing knowing that the terrorist on Christmas Day waiting until the last hour before attempting to set off his explosives. Did he chicken out and dispose the explosives he carried? Or was this just an innocent coincidence as some are saying? I know it’s being further investigated and maybe we’ll find out more before too long. I hope we remain proactive in preventing terrorism but cringe everytime I hear security officials tell the media how easy it is to circumvent security or our vulnerabilities or the capabilities of new technology used to counter terrorism. We were definitely lucky on Christmas Day 289 souls were not lost.

  4. This reminds me of them wanting to ban FS back when we had 9/11 if I’m not mistaken. You can always put Flightsim on a good gaming laptop and take it to the WC, Kommode, John, Outhouse as pictured and spend a few hours flying in case your stomach is upset or you are preparing for a colonoscopy after drinking a gallon of CoLite

  5. You can even call it a “Plummsklo” in German…

    Well, this will be a turnup for the books – everyone with bladder problems (Cystitis for the girls, prostate for the boys) is now technically banned from flying if they can’t tie a knot in it…

    That could even get me fired because I may have to restrict my travelling.

    “Woe, woe and thrice woe!”

    At least I can press the P button in sim if I want one…

  6. Wonder what the size of the P bottles will be that we will be allowed to carry on. 3 oz or less? Now in case I want to fly I will have to look into one of those wierd catalogues that offer travelling gear or start wearing a diaper which I still have some time left before I need those.

  7. You guys are missing the point.

    They are actually reshaping the industry. Just like when they said “going green” it really meant “going green as in dollar bills”. New environment tax is coming soon to G8 countries.

    Airlines make more money in cargo. than our bulky carry on bags. They already succeeded in reducing checked baggage size and weight. Here we another victory. Remember the article about how United or (was it Delta) saved couple of million dollars by reducing ONE OLIVE from the dinner menu. Instead of two they started giving one. I wish I could quote the whole sorry but you’ll have to google it.

    and besides these strict measures are for flight TO/FROM U.S.A. Rest of the world still enjoys stainless steel cutlery.

    All of this, has a good side. New – startup airlines, small carriers suffer and go bankrupt. paving the way for monopoly by few big fish left.

    Just my sarcasm,


  8. I was wrong about the fact. It was American airlines which saved $ 40,000 by removing one olive in First class salad. This was in 1987. by now that’s about a million dollars.

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