AirSimmer Update Announced

AirSimmer reports that they have “…. released Systems Update v1.1 and Tablet PC Update v.1.1 for customers of the the AirSimmer A320 Basic Edition. Please find detailed information on the systems update here. Additional information on the TabletPC Update V1.1 is available here.

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  1. I don’t think this belongs to the FSX category as shown in your title. Some developers still believe in FS9!…
    So do I.

    Happy New Year to all at SimFlight!

  2. Airsimmers is not for FSX !!

    Francois, you seam to beleive that everything new for FS is supposed to be for FSX? 😉

  3. Sometimes ‘press releases’ aren’t very clear and one makes assumptions. That’s always dangerous, I know, but so is crossing the street 🙂

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