VATSIM Germany Event

Torsten Falldorf of VATSIM Germany writes “….. As the northern parts of Germany this year eperienced something like a real winter with a lot of snow and low temperatures VATSIM Germany wants to celebrate this by adopting a custom with a long tradition in the Alps and therefore invites the community to the ‘Après-Ski-Triangle‘….”.

The event is to take place on Saturday January 30th 2010, 18-22 UTC (19-23 o´clock local).
“…… In northern Germany the EDDW – Bremen airport will be fully staffed, our colleagues from Austria and Switzerland who are most experienced with this tradition will open the airports at LOWI – Innsbruck and LSGG – Geneva.

As this two places will certainly have enough snow we cant guarantee “Skiing and Skating good” for the northern part of Germany. But for all three places one thing will be sure: “Party? Also good!” – simply “Après-Ski”….”.

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  1. I don’t know if I’ll be home to do the event, but eithe way – that is the coolest promo video I’ve ever seen for a flight sim anything!!

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