PMDG’s View On FS2004

Like many other major developers, Robert Randazzo,  PMDG’s owner,  sees development for FSX as the way forward now, dictated by market economies. Upon some heated discussions on their support forums, he made a statement that you can read here. PMDG is not alone of course, since FSX is really taking off finally.

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  2. Amen!
    I know their position on the 737 has been to keep it for both platforms, but with this announcement, it looks like even that might chance.

    FSX is really starting to do well for a lot of people as technology gets better. I for one didn’t see the ‘wave’ coming this fast. It’s been pretty interesting to see how much people have hung on to FS9.

    With that said, there is certainly a lot of reason why people are sticking with FS9. I sympathize with almost all of the reasons.

    But, just as we switched from dial up to broadband, or airwaves TV to cable TV, so must the transition need to take place between FS9 and FSX.

  3. Agree with those comments, beside how many planes can one have in a hanger. Got so many myself, can only fly one at a time. Keeping the FS9 going with alot of investment there, but a majority of my stuff is going FSX these days. Although I’m not into developing aircraft nor a programmer there is alot of unexplored and unchartered area in FSX programming and I dont think is leaving anytime soon. Geeze I can remember those dialup days of getting good phote rates to hit Compuserve flight sim area, thank GOD for broadband!

  4. Both FS9 and FSX are Dead end , legacy Sims abandoned by their developer.
    I think I will stick with FS9, Cannot bring myself to spend money on FSX when I have everything I need in FS9.
    This decision by PMDG is going to save me a fortune

  5. I’ve kind of left flightsim for now and am playing “real” games since last fall. “Batman: Arkham Asylum”, “Dragon Age”, “Bioshock”, and now the original “Mass Effect”. Watching things from afar though but playing these have shown me what my pc can really do. Been simming since FS5.1 days and haven’t looked back since putting it all aside.

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