Cessna SkyCatcher Delayed

Cessna has informed its (potential) customers that the delivery of their new SkyCatcher has been delayed with some 6 to 10 months. Apparently the factory in Shenyang, China, needs to be retooled after changes in the design of the aircraft have been made. The SkyCatcher (or Cessna 162) is a new Light Sport Aircraft and was involved in two spin accidents prior to the changes being made now. More info to be found at AOPA.

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  1. Why is the Cessna SkyCatcher (Cessna 162) made in China, it should be made in the US creating more jobs in our ailing economy!

    Just my opinion…Darryl

  2. Depends whether you want to live in a capitalist society I guess.

    The answer to your question is easy. It’s cheaper!

  3. I agree, but as long as CONSUMERS continue to ask for lower prices, it is a no-brainer Darryl.

  4. Darryl, perhaps if Americans lowered their production costs, improved efficiency and productivity then the company would return to complete manufacturing in the USA? The majority of Cessna’s products ARE made in the USA, but in the LSA segment the aircraft is up against stiff price competition from manufacturers with a superior product at a lower price. If Cessna are to succeed in sales then they HAVE to offshore the manufacture. Piper have simply badged someone elses product.
    Of course, as they have now discovered, making things in China MAY not be all its cracked up to be… 😉

  5. Simon,

    The US has the highest GDP and worker productivity rates anywhere in the world. The problem is that it doesn’t come cheap. Americans put in more hours per week working than most countries, and they expect a higher salary. The price of production in the US has nothing to do with lack of productivity.

  6. I rather think that the fact CONSUMERS want everything cheaper… and cheaper.. and cheaper.. is what is causing the problems. That and the greed of companies, and especially the higher echelons, of course.

  7. Ah but the fact that what consumers WANT is becoming less and less important with the rise and rise of the Megalithic Conglomerate. Do you really think Cessna even CARE what the consumer wants to pay, except in the broadest sense? Their market research will, like all aircraft manufacturers, be based around: “How much can we charge – and get away with it?”
    Once they control the supply, distribution AND retail network, they can charge what they want. Production in China means higher profits, not lower prices.

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