Carenado Fixes Bugs On Skywagon

Carenado has released a file fixing a number of bugs and adding some new features to ther recently released Skywagon package. “…..This pack is a cumulative pack which solves all the bugs since the release of the Skywagon and also adds a tail wheel lock feature. Feature added: Tail wheel lock, differential brake control….”. Customers of simMarket can download it from their user account.
“…… Errors fixed:

– Only 2 blades visible of the propeller from inside the VC when flying 3 blades prop aircraft.
– Adds 2 more points to the flaps. Now it has 10°, 20°, 30° and 40°.
– Adds flaps sounds to all the points.
– Fixes a problem of underlying textures under the radios.
– Eliminates the carb heat.
– Corrects the movement of the aircraft with the rudder trim wheel.
– Corrects the fuel capacity to 65 gallons, which is the value of the manual.
– Adds a heading bug which is connected to the autopilot.
– Corrects an issue related to the C.G when full loading the aircraft.
– Eliminate a strange line over VOR2…”.

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