Simcheck Airbus Boxed

Aerosoft now also released the recently published Simcheck Airbus in a boxed version. “….The A300B4-200 series is a first generation Airbus with analogue steam-gauges and a (for that time) advanced autopilot. Some of the current operators have made cockpit upgrades based on various GPS systems where the ADI was replaced with an EADI, the HSI replaced with an ND, the CDU replaced with a (basic) FMS….”. Of course you can find this version too at simMarket !

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  1. Hi guys
    You have the wrong pic in this post. The one you have used is of the not yet released Aerosoft Airbus X as opposed to the Simcheck A300B4-200.

  2. What a pointless reply. Perhaps a thanks for the heads up would have been more useful.

  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you ! Actually, I hit Enter when typing probably… which explains the ‘comma’ at the end of my sentence’.


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