Warbirdsim Fighter Leader II

Warbirdim has released two packages (FS2004 and FSX) with a bunch of P-51 Mustang goodies! “….. A Special Edition Collectors Set featuring the Dorsal Fillet and Direction Finding Loop versions of the high backed Mustangs and brings together a very comprehensive range of North American P-51s in various schemes, colors and configurations the like of which has never before been seen for Flight Simulator. ….”. Available on simMarket now. The FS2004 version here and the FSX package is here!
“….. Included are a beautiful selection of ten aircraft for you to take to the skies and tame. There have been cockpit updates and sound updates from the original Fs2004 release of Fighter Leader to give an even closer overall feel of what the real aircraft are like to fly.
This makes an excellent companion to the original Fighter Leader and the aeroplanes themselves now feature 500lb bombs in place of the drop tanks.

The highly detailed examples fresh from the virtual Inglewood and Dallas factories of Warbirdsim are a BRAND NEW collection of Mustangs for FS2004 users! The P-51B/C & Mustang III have also been extremely faithfully reproduced right down to the last rivet, panel line and individual markings…”.

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