FSXI Coming From The East !!??

We think that FSXI might well be in the works, and in a place you might not expect it from ….. maybe !

In the wake of recent developments in Bend, Oregon, where the Chinese state-owned AVIC I is trying to buy the remnants of Epic Air (most likely to acquire their advanced carbon fiber technology), it has now been brought to our attention that AVIC is apparently also working on a new flight simulator.
Rumours have it that representatives of AVIC have been spotted in Redmond late last year and contacts we have in Nanning, China, recently reported that there have been calls for Chinese beta testers for a ‘Flight Simulator’ . (We did some nackground research and found THIS on the web about AVIC.  There are also links to one of the many Chinese aircraft manufacturers (ACAC) that seem to be involved in the recent developments).

As has been made public a while back already China is rapidly building an aviation ‘presence’ now that it has been decided that General Aviation will not only be allowed but in fact aggressively pushed by the Central Government from 2011 onwards.

Our resources mention that use of ‘flight simulator on PC’ will be part of the education program. Stay tuned for more news….

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  1. Funny story, but you didn’t fool me. I checked my calendar today 😉

  2. LOL – Well it had me fooled for 3 seconds.. Then the date occurred to me..

  3. It is not totally impossible…
    Chinese are good at copying…
    Probably Chinese government sent someone into Microsoft and stole the FSX source document…
    Chinese people learn fast and work hard, though they are not creative at all…

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