Goodbye Digital-Aviation and thank you for the fish!

Seems the folks at Digital-Aviation decided to move on with their lifes and need more time for other things then FS!  They are passing the support for their products to the respective publishers but want to continue work on the current projects, CRJ and Fokker VC, even if not under their own brand… as we know this projects are already very long coming so it remains to be seen what the future brings. Now you can interpret whatever you want in this expression… for example something like: we may never see it.

So much for those childish arguments made by so many FS software pirates that one can earn a life with it. But here are DA’s Hans Hartmann’s own words (oh, and Happy Birthday Hans! let’s see if he spots this 🙂 ): “ Well, all things come to an end. And now it is the time for DA. There’s a lot of reasons behind this decision and I will give you  a few of them at the end of this post.

So what’s going to happen? We will continue to work on our current projects (CRJ and the Fokker VC). However, we will do that without using our own brand, website and forums. Support will be moved to the Aerosoft forums (DA20, Cheyenne and CRJ) and the Flight1 forums (Fokker). Our website and forums are going to be set to read-only for good on April 15th. No forum registrations will be accepted after this point.

So, why are we doing this? First, all three of us have significantly less time available to do flight simulation stuff in our spare time. Florian became an airline pilot and has to spend much time in hotels away from his PC (developing on a notebook is no real alternative), Alexander transferred to a different department and has a much higher workload than before. I started my own company and that requires most of my time and energy. We had the choice between reducing our flight simulation work to nothing more than development itself or to stop it completely. We chose the first way because we didn’t want to waste all the time and money that went into the current unfinished projects.

We’d like to thank everybody who spent these past six years with us (the Katana was the first DA project, released on April 2nd, 2004). Never say never, so we might be back at some point if things change in our lives or one of the new flight simulator currently in development, make doing aircraft interesting and fun again

Hans Hartmann
Alexander M. Metzger
Florian Praxmarer

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Aaron Myers
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 00:46

If only it were that simple.

william a foscher
Sunday, April 4, 2010 15:24

that’s the result of piracy’s kids in the last period…only few aircraft payware and many company closed or tired to give his work for free..piracy on free sites as blogpost or on forums from malaysia or similar contries damage for ever this hobby…

Sunday, April 4, 2010 11:14

“Good luck Darem, let us know how much you are prepared to spend on legal proceedings over your software.”

Oh, I am not spending on legal proceedings, but on business ethics.I could imagine worse things to spend money on.

Sunday, April 4, 2010 07:58

“I am close to. AirNav’s FSLive Traffic is the worst rip-off I have ever encountered.”

Good luck Darem, let us know how much you are prepared to spend on legal proceedings over your software.

Sunday, April 4, 2010 02:21

I almost bought the Fokker, but I only really wanted it with VC. But I’m keeping stricly to the rule of never buying anything if it relies on promises of future features. I really feel glad I didn’t fall for this one, I would be very grumpy otherwise. But above all, if we don’t want developpers to developp these bad habits, we must vote with our money.