Yeah… last thing you need: X-Plane for iPad

A serious flight simmer might laugh at this (i know some that do) but the ever amusing Austin Meyer has the terrain already covered for today’s release of Apple’s iPad. Apart from also having released some Giant Fighting Robots game, that looks like it needs heavy licensing from Lucas ‘Star Wars’ Arts, we now can enjoy X-Plane for iPad, tadaaaa…  in Austin’s own words it sounds truly fantastic : “…the app is simply awesome fun, and an amazing tour-de-force of iPad power!…”

All that takes is an iPad and $9.99 and you are away flying (lol) anything from the Cessna to the Shuttle.

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  1. Oh come on… There is no need to be snobby, right? I for one think it’s a great idea. Gives you something to do while sitting in the bus or train.

  2. a picture i would love to see:

    3..2…1…. we have lift off…

    voice from the off ‘next stop central station, mind the doors’

  3. I saw the perfect description of the iPad on a tech review website the other day: “A very expensive solution looking for a problem to justify its existence.”

    Well, Austin’s latest would fit in perfectly with that description of the device as well, I’m afraid.

  4. You either have use for the iPad or you don’t. I personally don’t – I think it’d be absolutely worthless for me. That doesn’t mean, in my opinion, that it’s a “A very expensive solution looking for a problem to justify its existence.”. It means you have no use for it; many people do have a use for it however, and I wish them all the best with their new gadget. I’d much rather just have a 27″ iMac.

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