The CRJ VC lives! [update]

Fear not you trusty Digital-Aviation CRJ  customers that have been waiting for a VC for your product for quite some time and stop nagging because … baaaaammm…. Aerosoft comes to the rescue!

We had reported here that Digital-Aviation had ceased operations and that support issues were being shifted to the publishers of their products, but now it has been announced that Aerosoft’s inhouse engineering will also work on the missing VC,  read the following two forum messages for all the insight: CLICK & CLACK

[UPDATE]  – Hans Hartman informed me that i mixed something up… it is not the CRJ VC customers are waiting for as i incorrectly reported above.. but the VC for the Fokker 70/100. Hans confirmed however that slow progress is being made on the Fokker VC,, the project is therefore still alive. I stand corrected, thank you Hans!

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  1. I’m, sure Aerosoft will do DA’s CRJ justice if the pics of their Airbus is anything to go by. With DA’s systems and Aerosoft’s modelling it sounds like a real winner. Pity the Fokker couldn’t have the same treatment with the VC.

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