VRS F/A-18E for FSX is out…. but then it’s not!

Many users are reporting (thank you by the way!) that the Vertical Reality F/A-18E Superbug for FSX has been released, but despite the claim that ‘SuperbugX ships April 8th!’ and a product webpage on the VRS website, there is no official word about it. Also their own shop is down claiming that ‘We are currently working on a patch to address some issues in the initial release”, so everyone hold your horses…. it will come!

Meanwhile if you are on FS2004 you may want to purchase that version at simMarket: CLICK.

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Monday, April 26, 2010 00:13

And Ian, I also apologise!! I see you have have an interest in 8th Airforce bases – I also have the Roger Freeman book on the bases. I lived in Essex as a child and spent my holidays visiting as many former bases as I could. My parents now live in Wethersfield, the base is still there but under the ‘gise of the training school for the MOD Police. Still, sometimes at night, the odd C-130 turns up and departs. Most of the bases in that part of Essex are more 9th Airforce, but it’s good to see what remains.… Read more »

Ian P
Sunday, April 25, 2010 17:58

…and it’s back out again.

It must be fairly tolerant as well, seeing as I just managed to park it on the Nimitz first pass (I have screenshot proof of the trap, not that it was my first attempt at a carrier approach unfortunately! ;)).

A very definite RTFM package, though – I had to refer to three of the FAQs on the support forum to actually get it working.

Ian P
Sunday, April 25, 2010 12:31

Thanks GL and unfortunately no, I wasn’t tarring you with the brush used for an 8-year old, I was tarring you with a brush that can be used for a very large number of very vocal people in the FS world from 8 to 80. “WHY HAVEN’T YOU RELEASED IT!? YOU SAID IT WOULD BE TODAY!” “Because we have problems.” “BUT WE’D HAVE HELPED!” …so the next time, they release it… “THIS PRODUCT IS &^%$! DO NOT BUY IT! IT’S FULL OF BUGS AND THEY STOLE MY MONEY!” from exactly the same person. It’s all over the forums for pretty… Read more »

Sunday, April 25, 2010 00:44

And by the way Ian, I love the RAF Thorpe Abbott’s scenery – Well done!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010 00:42

What argument?? And, for the record – I have yet to complain or flame about any product that hasn’t been ‘ready for release’ when there has been excellent customer service like VRS – I just didn’t get what the problem was when many people were reporting that there were no issues. Just release it and then we can all work together, as we always do, within the Flight Simulator community. So please, do not tar me with the same brush that you would with a 8 year old, impatient, only child! I was mealy questioning why they would not release… Read more »