Wee Tune Beastie II

Sky Blue Radio is “….. pleased to announce the release of our latest in-flight entertainment software Wee Tune Beastie II. The application promises to transform the virtual pilots long or short haul flights by bringing you Sky Blue Radio right in to your cockpit simply by tuning in to our frequency (123.45) on your com 2 radio….”.
“…… However, this nifty little application does not stop there. No Sir/Madam.
Wee Tune Beastie II gives you a chance to talk live to fellow flight simmers. It gives you direct link to the live DJ’s simply be clicking on the DJ’s banner, and if there is no DJ on air and our hard working monkey Otto Matix is playing the tunes, you can even make a request from him. All this for FREE….. what more could you want?
Live DJ’s, critically acclaimed chat shows, simplified connection to fellow enthusiasts and a chance to pick a tune from the Sky Blue Radio’s favourite primate.

Visit and select the download section to get your copy of Wee Tune Beastie II now. Sky Blue Radio and Wee Tune Beastie II, your co-pilot in the virtual skies, sounding great at any altitude……”.

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