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Now here’s a product that will get some comments, or just fade away unnoticed. You pay the guys a subscription fee, and in return they provide you with a suggestion where to fly to in your simulator. How’s that for healthy entrepreneurship, eh!? If you want this for free you can of course throw a dart at a map on your office wall, but hey !  It is yours for only 20 Euros a year at!

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  1. Probably the biggest FAIL ever came in terms of FS tools (no matter if free- or payware).

  2. So you suffer from the same problem I did when reading the product page….. Remember, simFlight is a NEWS and OPINIONS site, NOT a billboard for your product advertising. 😉

    But as far as I can read (and I re-read the description) the software provides SUGGESTIONS of WHERE to fly to, as its main functionality.

    You can package that and sell it in any way you want, my opinion is that I can do that by looking at a map, either in or outside FS, just as easily.

    But YMMV. Good luck with sales anyway 🙂

  3. Well I like think the other main functionality is the flight tracking on google maps feature. It also provides flight data at reguler intervals and keeps it for the players future reference. It is good for friends to track you online too since it upload a screenshot of your sceen every 15 secs!.

  4. I defenly prefer to throw a dart at a map on my office wall, is cheaper and always do some exercise.

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