Diamond DA20 Sounds

Vance Dylan of Sonic Solutions has recorded sounds of a DA20. “…. The Diamond DA20 Sound Pack for FSX features all new and authentic audio recorded from a Diamond DA20 C1 Eclipse on location at Cooking Lake Airfield, Edmonton, Alberta. This collectors edition includes the sound pack with custom installer, a high definition 15 minute behind the scenes video of Vance preparing and recording the Eclipse and a Sonic Solutions paint job for your Digital Aviation Katana DA20…..”. Available here at simMarket.

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  1. I found this to be a great sound pack. Nothing misleading here. They stated it’s for a C1 Eclipse but also sounds great on the Rotax Katana version.

  2. I too think this is going to be a great sound set. They simply say it’s for the C1 Diamond Eclipse but will also work on the other version. Who cares, it still sounds good. It’s a game people…play it. It’s certainly a big improvement over the stock sounds.

  3. You can’t please everyone all of the time. I plan on purchasing these sounds as no one seems to take the time to actually record the real planes like these guys do. I have both the DA20 from Aerosoft and Ws Simulations and the stock sounds are bad. These sounds make me wanna fly my DA20 again.

    I too didn’t find anything “misleading” they simply said they’ll work for both. No big deal.

  4. If you think a conventional flat-four, air-cooled aero engine with fuel injection and direct drive sounds like a four-cylinder water-cooled motor of half the capacity run on carbs, with a reduction gearbox to reduce prop speed, I have a nice little timeshare in the Algarve that you will be interested in purchasing… 😉

    I have some Wright radial sounds that should be used for a Spitfire – yeah, right… and it doesn’t sound right from the external view either – far too `basso profundo`, and unless there are aircraft.cfg mods made to the DA Katana they can’t be fixed by the soundset. But as I said elsewhere, the stall warble is bang-on. Don’t get the absence of internal wind noise though – did the recordings ever take place IN THE AIR?

    But choice is a wonderful thing. Just as those who presume it’s wonderful without even buying it first – say, where do you guys come from? haven’t seen you around the other forums and neither of you have ever posted in the Aerosoft or Digital Aviation forums, so how do you know they are improvement on the stock sounds? – one can take the wrong choice of a defective product and claim it solves all the worlds ills.

    But claiming it does not make it so.

  5. I can see Simon’s point but I think these sounds are better that the default for both models. I’ll be getting this. Maybe they’ll do a rotax version.

  6. Simon,

    then just don’t buy it. Period. Nobody forces you to do so. No need to go on a crusade.

    To the rest of the world:

    I bought their C172 soundset and liked it. I have no doubt the DA20 set will be pleasing as well. Will it be “the real thing”? No idea, since I never flew tha DA20 in real life, nor any other plane except as self loading cargo *g*. As Jeremy said: It’s a game.

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