Tupolev TU-154M

A new freeware is waiting for you : Tupolev TU-154M. Different from Project Tupolev, this new one designed for FSX comes as a 330 MB file. You’ll appreciate the 3D model, sounds and behaviour.. so fly with it, download link here.

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  1. Hello there.
    The “download link here” link is not working at the moment, this is what you get from that link :”File was removed or inaccessible”
    Is there any other way to get it?

  2. The file has been removed two or three weeks ago! And now you come with this old hat.

  3. @Felidae, I downloaded it while I was writing this here. So yesterday night, the file was available at least. Sorry if that’s not the case anymore but I’m not the one who pulled it down nor the one who can upload it again.. :-/

  4. Maybe but the file has never been aviable longer than a few hours.Because of the use of gauges protected by copyrights?? A sad story with a follow-up in the next weeks. At least, I hope so>.

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