YBBN From Orbx Released

In a press release Jay Kae from Orbx mentions that they are “…….. pleased to announce the release of YBBN Brisbane International Airport, our most detailed major airport created thus far. Encompassing over 65 square km of 60cm, 15cm and 7cm imagery and modeled entirely in 3DStudioMax, YBBN is a technological marvel and pushes the boundaries of what is possible in FSX to faithfully reproduce every aspect of this gateway airport…..”. “….. YBBN provides full support for AI traffic, has kinetically animated aerobridges, NIGS guidance, custom modeled ground services vehicles and also includes the Fisherman Island Docks percent, landable ships offshore, the twin Gateway Bridges, the International, Domestic and GA terminals, plus all cargo and maintenance facilities. YBBN is now available for purchase as an instant download and soon on limited edition DVD. For more information visit our website here….”.

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  1. Great new addon, I’ve been waiting for 20+ years for a good rendering of YBBN which is the airport my father flew out of every other day while working at Ansett…

    Have been flying around the airport and exploring and almost everything is 100% accurate to real life. A couple of quips include the ship at the end of Runway 01 is not where you’d see one in real life as there’s a channel running out into Moreton Bay and where the ship is anchored is too shallow for it.

    The only other minor issues are a) the domestic terminal ground floor door entry textures are slightly amiss, but hopefully those can be updated in future and b) the taxiway centerline and edge lights weren’t don’t seem to be there in the early evening hours but that is either a bug or should be fixable easily.

    Nice work Orbx, lets hope YSSY, YPPH, YPAD and YBAF come out soon…

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