Review: Brittany Lighthouses FSX by Alro Creations

Before I begin let me just state that this addon requires that Bretagne VFR for FSX by FranceVFR be installed prior to installing this package. Please also read my review of Bretagne VFR for FSX. On with the review…

This is a very small file by today’s standards at 32Mb. What do you get with this scenery?

You get 25 lighthouses, six communications structures and two historic buildings. All are accurately reproduced and properly positioned in the scenery.

The installer is in french but follows the standard installation routine of having you put in your registration information and then allowing it to continue. Anyone should be able to follow the gist of it and not have any problems. The manual states that the scenery should be added automatically but I found that I had to add it manually.  I am running Windows 7 so this may be why I had to take that extra step.

There is no configuration required however they do suggest that your mesh resolution not exceed 2m.


The publisher of this scenery is french so the manual, a 10 page PDF document, is predominantly in french with the exception of four pages which are in english. The manual clearly states this on the cover page.

The english portion begins by stating that Bretagne VFR must already be installed in order to use this product. The next few pages contain several brief paragraphs dealing with installation, display settings, specifications, acknowledgements and finally user licence and copyright information.

The french portion of the manual gives the same basic information but with additional technical information about the lighthouses and their locations. This is all available on their website.

My only real complaint with the manual is with the map. The text is too small making it almost impossible to read.  I’ve provided a link to the product page that has the same map available.:

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Flying the Scenery

You may look at this as being just a bunch of lighthouses and a few other objects, so what is the big deal, why would I want to go and buy it?  The simple answer. It adds a whole new dimension to Bretagne VFR for FSX. It’s like putting icing on a cake.

The package installs 33 objects spread throughout the entire scenery area. Flying around finding them is great fun. The objects they have added are all unique and there is lots of variety. You can tell that they have gone through a great deal of effort in making these objects as accurate as possible in every way. No matter what time of day or night you are flying there is something to appreciate about these objects.

During the daytime hours you can see just how much detail has gone into each unique object. On the lighthouses you can make out such items as the stairways, railings, antennae, individual brickwork and fencing just to name a few.  On the antennas you have the individual guy wires, insulating blocks, lighting, intricate patterns that make up the steel mast sections and more. The amount of detail is very impressive.

I am not normally a big fan of night flying because there usually isn’t much to tweak your interest but with this addon that all changes.  The coastal region in particular comes to life. You’ll come across lighthouses that have rotating beacons others have beacons that flash, some have white lights others are red. This is all dependant upon their function. You can find out all of the information you need for each object by going to the publishers webpage.

Just as the lighthouses come to life at night so do the antennas. They all have clearance and warning lights that are visible from a distance making them ideal for VFR navigation at night.

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Final Thoughts

I loved this product and how it brought the Bretagne region and particularly the coastal area to life at night.  This brings a new dynamic aspect to an already great scenery package.

My Ratings

  • Installer: Good but in french only.
  • Documentation: Good.  Manual mostly in french but everything you need to know is available in english.
  • Modelling: Very good. Lots of intricate detailing.
  • Extras: Animated lighthouse beacons and antenna lighting.


Download Size: 32Mb FSX

Price: EUR 13.99


Test System: Intel i7 920 OC @ 3.8 Ghz, 6 Gb RAM, EVGA 285 GTX w/1Gb video, Win 7 Ultimate 64, FSX w/acceleration, Ultimate traffic 2, REX, UTX Europe, AES 2.06

Richard Desjardins

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