Sonic Solutions – DHC-6 Twin Otter soundpack

“The third sound pack for Flight Simulator X from Sonic Solutions is for the De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter. Recorded in 24bit / 48K sample rates and implemented in game at 16bit / 48k sample rates ensures crisp clean audio with plenty of dynamic range. This pack of course utilizes FSX’s sound cone system using many layers of sound to create a great mix that never tires….” Available at

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  1. Insufficient instructions for installation. Poor sound quality. Aerosoft default sounds after the upgrade, are much better. I regret the money spended on this product.

  2. I agree, its a whole lot of noise, but with wrong and overdone effects; I’m Missing e.g. the throttle at idle prop roar while taxi.

    With quit some hours in the real thing I’m not easy confinced, that’s why I still prefer my FS sound studio edits made from live footage, and recomend the freeware solutions created by Premier Aircraft Design!

  3. Maybe you guys should read the install instructions during the install process. I had little problems installing this. I thought this sounded fantastic. Lots of great sounds and very refreshing to the stock Aerosoft sounds.

  4. Take advise from myself who actually flew many hours in this craft and not just listened to it like some here on internet, this is great sounding. Thank you

  5. Wow, you guys really must have your audio settings messed up. I have never had such quality when it comes to audio! The fact that you can sit at the tower and it sounds like your actually hearing a plane coming in not some Ultra Muted BS like FS Stock.

    I used to fly in the real thing, and am not easily convinced (that’s how you spell it.) But this does a very good job of convincing me. Always the whiners write back, very rare that people that like it seem to.


  6. Coming from someone who actually purchased this here, I can say this is another fine soundpack from Sonic. No missing sounds, install was easy if you actually pay attention. The distance effect is incredible and truly lifelike. 5 Stars!

  7. I installed the Sonic Solutions sound pack for the Twin Otter, and OMG what a enhancement. The sound AI was a real treat, you could hear the aircraft spooling up very clearly. My buddies and I took a flight last night and the sounds where great. My money was well spent.

  8. I don’t understand these two top comments. Did you not see the video preview? If it so bad why did you buy it? I did actually purchase this as well and think it’s a great soundpack. Very few sounds for these planes in fsx sound this nice. 5 stars from me as well.

  9. I’m wondering what sound pack the last two guys downloaded???
    I downloaded this pack and the instructions were plain to see in the installer, and read. It went smooth as silk on the install. Instructions made perfect sense.
    The sounds are unbelievable!! I LOVE the new engine and starter sounds, and hearing the changes around the aircraft is great.
    Finally, the best part of this sound pack, is the distance sounds. This plane sounds like it does IRL. The distance sounds are awesome. The atmosphere noises when the plane is far away is fantastic!!!
    Lastly, how in the hell did you get the sounds to work like that in multiplayer?? I’ve never had so much fun flying around with other planes. 😀

    Keep up the great work and 5 stars from me!!

  10. Thank you all for the comments. Regarding Stephen Gara, I get notified when a customer buys a product and according to mine and SimFlight’s records, you didn’t purchase the Twin Otter Sound Pack so I’m wondering why you felt the need to want money back on a product you didn’t purchase.

    For those experiencing problems installing, there’s a section you should read during the install process named oddly enough “Important Install Intructions” It’s hard to miss. It’s very simple and takes but a moment. Thanks again to all of you who actually purchased the Twin Otter Sound Pack. Cheers!

  11. Dear Vance Dylan,

    You may look Simmarket records before to jump at conclusions just because this product didn’t please to me. So I’m wondering why you felt the need to make false accusations. But stay calme. I don’t want the money back. This is my contribution for a better work in the future or to pay some lessons of civility.

  12. Sorry Stephen Gara, there is simply no record of your purchase from here or any of the 5 distributors I sell through. As I said, each product that is sold sends me a notify, looking through my sales for the Twin Otter shows no sign of your purchase.

  13. As a show of good faith however Stephen Gara, I would be willing to send you back your money personally, however a valid order number from your purchase must be provided.

  14. Stephen Gara = Epic Fail. Why come here and spew garbage about something you didn’t even buy…lol. PWND!!!

    First go and buy it, then you can whine.

  15. Dear Vance,
    Please don’t insist to send me back the money. I regreted the money I spent but I never ask to be reimbursed. In my personal opinion the product in subject it’s not good enough for me but you always played a fair business. I’m a bit disappointed but NOT betrayed.

    By the way, my registered name at Simmarket it’s not this “nick” name. But if you look for the order number 619888 you will see my real personality… Decent and respectable even if I have controversial opinions.

  16. Well “Stephen” I would suggest in the future you look more closely at the preview videos as they are directly from in-game with no additional audio added and give an accurate representation of the product. Also paying more attention to install instructions will alleviate most of your problems in the future.

    Good day to you…

  17. That goes for you too Henk, if you’re so discusted with my sound pack why even bother to purchase it in the first place. Spin me an email and I’ll be happy to refund your money.

  18. Hi Vance,

    I refer to the text in my comment on top, I did not purchase anything, I’m not discusted; I lisened to your you tube presentations a few times after reading the 1st comment.

    I feel sorry for you to have all the extra work on this, shortly in 1 expresion; Pffffffff.

    With kind regards Henk.

  19. Like before, I’ve heard of the critics of this soundpack, but have never come across the names of those proponents of its total loveliness… isn’t that funny…
    (not using a question mark as it’s not a question, rather a statement of the peculiar).

  20. Ah, my friend Simon. I believe we call the people above…customers. Several I reconize from other sites. Just because some of us don’t post here doesn’t make their comments worthy. Good day to you.

  21. closing comments on this item, everybody got their point across, thank you.

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