MyTraffic X 5.3 Professional

Burkhard Renk has released a major update to his MyTraffic X program, now bringing it to Version 5.3. “….MyTraffic X Version 5.3 Professional is a giant step forward compared to previous versions and a huge leap towards fully using FSX multitude of new possibilities. All included airports and schedules are in the FSX-format. The majority of the included aircraft types is already in the new, highly optimized FSX Service Pack 2 format, pairing top optical quality with ultimate performance….”.

But really, MyTraffic X has so many features that you will want to read all about it on the simMarket product page! There’s a major discount for existing users too and you can buy it here at simMarket as usual!

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  1. Still incredible how ugly these models look like. Do not really understand who is willing to pay more than 2 cents for this crap…

  2. Possibly because they – the same as, I strongly suspect, you – don’t have the time, resources and inclination to make that many variations of models and paints to represent aircraft in the sim?

    If you have developed or know of a single other FSX Native package that includes as many models, paints and flightplans as MyTrafficX, but has “better” models and a usable frame rate then please tell the world!

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