Maui-Kahului Airport From LiveinFSX

Le LiveinFSX team sent us a note about their upcoming Kahului Airport (PHOG). “….. It is a regional airport in the state of Hawai’i, located east of the Kahului CDP in Maui County on the island of Maui near Haleakala. Most flights into OGG originate from Honolulu International Airport; the Honolulu-Kahului corridor is one of the busiest air routes in the USA, ranking 13th in 2004 with 1,632,000 passengers…….”. “…… LiVEinFSX presents a small early preview of our upcoming project which will bring you to Maui-Kahului Airport. The scenery will feature (with the help of regional authorities) all detailed airport terminal structures, vehicles and car parking areas, with the highest quality of customised ground textures that faithfully re-produce the scenery of Kahului airport. Further to that, the scenery package will include large day/night photoreal coverage with customised models and full autogen. The best destination for this summer, Maui-Kahului Airport !….”. More info here.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010 14:41

that’s true although many terms of use refer to the distribution of the image itself..

anyway for most sceneries I came across even from the biggest distributors, it is:

purchased: yes
licensed: unknown

Ian P
Sunday, May 23, 2010 13:01

I think it’s a valid question. I had to point out to a freeware developer the other day that if he uploaded a photoscenery that he had taken from GE then what he was doing was illegal. He didn’t seem to care. In reality, it is very simple. You cannot download and *distribute* – not just cannot download and sell – imagery from GE, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, etc, without purchasing additional licenses. If companies have purchased those licenses, whether they state so or not, then they’re fine and there’s no problem. If they haven’t? There’s no difference between that… Read more »

Saturday, May 22, 2010 23:11

Seems like a lot of fuss about this scenery and it is not even out yet…..what aboutall other sceneries throughout these years with photoreal coverage ?..only about 1 in 10 will state whether or not they have license for rendering and redistributing..

Ian P
Saturday, May 22, 2010 21:55

It depends where the data has come from. I just investigated getting aerial photos or vector data to use simply to draw over to recreate a missing Lough in Northern Ireland – that single lake alone was going to cost the best part of £1000 if I got it as aerial photographs from Ordinance Survey NI (the people who paid for the photographs to be taken). If I wanted to distribute those photographs, for example as phototextures in FSX, then there was also additional license fees to pay and the original “access” license would cost more. Note that this is… Read more »

Saturday, May 22, 2010 21:39

Its is not legal to use google maps or things like that and sell it. But if they manipulate it. than it will be difficult to claim something. So that means the scenery is not out yet. Nobody can claim anything.

So I think everybody got his point here!