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Mark Cranston sent us another of his extensive reports regarding their Historic Jetliners Website. “…..Presenting “PART 2″ of HJG’s 4th anniversary website update ….featuring the following new B720, B727, DC8, and DC9 files for FS2004 and FSX… those files which couldn’t be accommodated within the groups recent April website update…..”.
“….. New textures for HJG B720’s include…

The late 1980’s livery for an aircraft operated by Maltese airline.

New HJG textures for VISTALINERS B727’s include…

The mid 1960’s identity of a classic US/Boston based operator ….for the early production B727-100.

For the B727-100F… a colour scheme from more recent times featuring a US/Anchorage based freight carrier. 2 late 1960’s liveries for classic US/Atlantic coast and West Coast based airlines …for the early production B727-200.

For the ADVANCED B727-200 …the attractive mid 1980’s natural metal livery for a major but no longer existent US/West Coast operator; 2 variations of identity representing an Australian registered aircraft operated by 2 South Pacific island carriers during the late 1980’s … 1 of which features a unique “split identity”; The late 1990’s hybrid colour scheme applied to an aircraft operated by a major Mexican airline promoting one of the countries premier soccer teams; The attractive late 1990’s maroon and white livery for an aircraft operated by a small Middle Eastern state carrier;

And the current identity for a major Venezuelan airline. And the attractive colour scheme for a current major operator from Venezuela ….for ADVANCED B727-200 RE SuPER 27.

New textures for HJG DC8’s include…

For the DC8-30 …the spectacular early 1970’s livery for an aircraft then in service with a tourist/charter carrier from Finland. The attractive late 1970’s red and white identity of another airline from Finland ….for the DC8-50. And for the DC8-62 …the lesser known mid 1980’s colour scheme also for  Finnish operator.  

New textures for HJG DC9’s include…

For the PAX configured DC9-10/15’s …2 variations of livery ….including the original 1966 version… for a major US/Atlanta based carrier carrier; Both 1960’s and 1970’s identities for a classic but no longer existent US/Miami based airline; The mid 1960’s colour scheme for a major operator from the Hawaii an Islands; And the mid 1990’s livery for a major but no longer existent domestic carrier from Colombia.

And for convertible/freight configured DC9-10/15’s …the late 1960’s identity for a German charter/tourist airline; The current colour scheme for a US/Portland based cargo operator; The attractive gold and red livery for a US/Michigan based freight carrier; The late 1990’s identity for a US/Dallas FW based cargo airline; And the blue and white colour scheme for a lesser known US/Portland based freight operator from more recent times.

For the PAX configured DC9-30 …both 1960’s and 1980’s liveries for a US/San Diego based low cost/high frequency carrier; 3 variations of 1970’s and 1980’s identities for a major US/Atlanta based airline …including the 1976 US Bicentennial version; 2 variations of the attractive 1980’s era colour schemes supported by the aircraft of a no longer existent US/Boston based low cost/high frequency operator …including the 1987 post-merger hybrid version. The early 1980’s natural metal livery for a classic but no longer existent US/Miami based carrier; A colourful early 1980’s identity representing the Mediterranean wing of a major Italian airline; Colour schemes for 2 different and no longer existent Mexican operators from the 1990’s; The mid 1990’s livery for a no longer existent US/Georgia based low cost/high frequency carrier ….including that of its more recent Atlanta based successor. And the rare and extremely colourful identity of an airline from Angola.

For the convertible/freight configured DC9-30CF/F …2 variations of recent colour scheme for a US/Seattle based express air freight airline; Both 1970’s and 1980’s variations of livery for a US/Portland based freight operator ….including an attractive 3-tone green version from the mid 1980’s; And the identity of an aircraft recently used by the scientific research division of a major US aerospace agency.

For the DC9-50 …5 variations of post merger hybrid colour schemes supported by aircraft operated by a major but no longer existent US/Midwest based operator …among which the mid 1990’s experimental scheme is also featured.

And last but by no means least of all …

A selection of 16 new DC9 panels and 19 updated DC9 aircraft base packs are now available for the entire HJG DC9 aircraft family. These panels and base packs are now aircraft type and engine power plant specific. It is essential to match each aircraft engine type with the correct panel engine version. Please refer to the HJG website update notices on the “NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS” section of the HJG forum for easy precise guidance.

All this …and a whole lot more classic jetliner nostalgia for FS …. is available for your free enjoyment and from the following website address…

HJG once again expresses warm thanks to the entire international FS community for kind and much appreciated support and encouragement received during these past 4 years of service !….”.

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