FSPS – Multicore Environment

FSPS from Greece have released a nifty little applicaton that lets you improve your computer’s multi-core actvity. As they say “…. Have you ever thought why even the most expensive CPU hardware sometimes is not so fast? Well, this is happening because a lot of software is running only in one core of your expensive CPU. So, if you are running a lot of them together, then all of this software runs at first core and the rest of your cores are inactive. That means you can not get the power that you paid for. There exactly FSPS — MultiCore Environment comes in….”. Available from simMarket now.

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  1. >>Use freeware CPU-Control. You can assign almost every process (except system process) to any core You want.<<

    There exactly, FSPS — MultiCore Environment comes. An application written especially for these situations comes to cover the gap.

  2. Truly, I will not buy something for 8€ if I can get same thing for free.
    It’s another nice-looking program, which makes same thing as freeware alternative.
    There is no spoon, well gap to cover. There is no need to have either CPU-Control or FSPS for FSX SP1 and above. For FS9 You can use CPU-Control or FS2004AT for free.
    There is no need to assign system process to one core in any case.
    External program You can assign via CPU-Control. FSCopilot 1.7 and FSInn 1.3 You can assign in their menu.

    IMHO this is another program for people which don’t know that there is an alternative.

    Well, at Simmarket You can buy almost everthing, i.e. a repaint… So why don’t buy program like that. It’s Your money 😉
    I can do same thing for free.

  3. Thanks for all the free info on the multicore stuff will put it to use in the next few weeks

  4. There is also a freeware tool fs9/fsx affinity tool This tool is working for me. First core it will use 100% second also 100% third using 70% en last core using about 60%. But this tool from FSDS is not working for me at all 🙁

    But users that have installed the last service pack for FSX dont have to use this because SP2 FSX is using almost all cores

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