SIRX2009 – An Incredible FREE FSX Project

If you happen to be a developer of phototexture (aerial imaginery) mesh landscapes for the Alps, I think you’d better apply for Social Security now that SIRX2009 as been shown to the world. Or at least change your profession.

The Italian team of SIRX2009 has set out to model the Alps (and the rest of Italy) Switzerland and Austria) and judging from the video they posted there will be little left for others to improve. In one word: fantastic! You don’t believe me of course, so look here (switch to full screen!). And here is their (sort of) English website.

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  1. AGREE FANTASTIC! Damm it there goes another investment towards hard drives!

  2. it’s one of this projects where not seeing is believing but rather downloading is believing.. so we will see about that…

  3. Well Miguel,

    i’ve tested it in their offices and beleave me, it exists and it will get published 😉
    But start buying a new hard drive, since you will need 400gb of space 😉

  4. “SIRX2009, as impassable dipositions of the Ministry of Environment, can never be a work (for the sake of profit)for profit, but will be made available free to everyone who had need (through specific requests to the Ministry or ENAC, but on this point yet been given guidelines for its dissemination by the Ministry and / or ENAC)”

    So is it free to everyone or just those that have a need like flight students?

  5. Wow! this is jaw-dropping-speechless vfr scenery. The background music theme makes it all eerie and alien-like to the norm. Nicely done, although I don’t have 400gigs to boot.

  6. it’s since october 2009 that are not i know how it works with italian burocracy i am 100% we will not see it for downloading or at least call it sir2010 or 2011

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