Pacific Island Simulation Website Renewal

Graham Michaels of Pacific Island Simulation would like you to know that “….. In conjunction with the imminent release of Ingalls Field (KHSP), Pacific Islands Simulation wish to announce latest major overhaul of its website. The site was redesigned and contents rearranged to make it more technically user-friendly, clean and visually appealing. This is an on-going effort to showcase current and future product inventory and of course extend outreach to more potential customers…..”.
“…… Some of the features of the revamped site includes:
– multi-lingual on-the-fly translation of all page contents for outreach to 38 international language speakers;
– direct downloads and/or printing of product documents/manuals. Documents/manuals can now be read directly from the website in flip-book format;
– direct links to aviation sites, calculators, facts and figures, VFR/IFR charts;
– dedicated links to publisher/vendor sites;
– live real-world aviation news from various sources, etc….”.

Turn your PC audio volume DOWN and then check out his new website here.

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