Just Flight – WILDCAT & MARTLET FOR FSX Released

Just Flight have announced the safe arrival of their new WWII babies the Wildcat & Martlet.

Scott Phillips (Mastertronic Group Ltd – Just Flight) states, “This all-new Wildcat and Martlet package has been developed by Aeroplane Heaven to the same exceptionally high standard as our recently released Battle of Britain aircraft, and features ten variants of four different aircraft – the F4F-3 and F4F-4 Wildcats and the MkI and MkIV British Martlets.  The exterior models, cockpits and flight dynamics all benefit from very close attention to detail and exhaustive testing. Unique animations abound and the Wildcat’s characteristic undercarriage operation is accurately modelled. The aircraft are all fully compatible with FSX Acceleration and can be catapulted and trapped on the carriers. Also on sale now are two lower priced add-ons, each containing five of the aircraft from the main package.
For full details, screenshots and a promotional video check this out!   “
This beauty is available from simMarket CLICK

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