BILBAO Preview from TropicalSim

The Brazilian developers TropicalSim have informed simFlight of their upcoming product, the scenery of Bilbao/LEBB, Sondica Airport in the North of Spain: “This time, the control tower area, with all detailed buildings existing there, and yes, the 5 (five!!!) football fields of the airport are included. Please note that the scenery is still over a very provisory ground, with none autogen placed yet. In fact, the ground is being done and will be extremely realistic, plenty of autogen structures.”

We are just not sure if this is for FS9 or FSX but if TropicalSim’s past releases are a clue it will  most probably be for both FS versions. We have put a small slideshow together:

[slideshow id=54]

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  1. FSX AND FS9 as indicated in the first preview released yesterday. Glad to see that some developers are still servicing FS9 with good products…

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