OpenVFR High Quality Mesh for Europe

OpenVFR has launched their own custom mesh for Europe. 
Markus from OpenVFR states: “The openVFR mesh represents a significant improvement from previous SRTM3 meshes, you might have used before. It allows a 75m grid resolution with a vertical error of less than 16m for Europe”.“Its new base data was created by use of new interpolation algorithms and better data auxiliary DEMs of CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information. It is reprocessed from voids and spikes and optimized for FSX. We are confident that this data is one of the highest quality SRTM dataset available.” 
A list of the countries in the mesh titles can be seen here, and comprehensive details can be found here.

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  1. Most of Europe is already 76m using native FSX mesh, which of course also means no platforms for the airports.
    There are no direct comparison shots on the website, so what is superior about this mesh over default?
    Can we see some side-by-side comparisons? And let’s see some before-and-after shots of airports and airfields to see whether the default flattening still matches. The problem with more `accurate` data in FSX is that it usually only highlights the INaccuracy of something else…

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