Solar Powered Flight

Extended Solar Powered Flight – A reality.
A solar powered plane took off from Payerne Airbase yesterday, reaching a height of 8,700 metres (25,500′).  The Solar Impulse HB-SIA flew over Switzerland, and amazingly stayed airborne through the night.  The plane is “powered” by 12,000 solar panels which are built into its gigantic 63.4 meter wing (think A340 Airbus).  To provide energy during the night flight it will descend to 1,500m (5,000′) and use power from its on board  400kg of batteries which were fully charged during the day-time.   The plane flew for more than 26 hours at landed safely at 9.00AM (GMT+2.0) today.  Pictures and details of this extraordinary feat can be be found here.  Today Europe, tomorrow the World.

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