Just Flight – Constellation Professional Expansion Pack C

Just Flight has just released a magnificent expansion pack for their “Connie”. The new pack has been specifically designed for FSX, using all of its new features. This livery pack, justifiably labelled, “unique” by Just Flight, depicts with incredible accuracy the period liveries of a bygone era. They have been superbly designed by texture expert Paul Grubich. The liveries transform the plane and carry the transformation over onto such items as the mobile passenger steps, etc.

The new liveries apply to these four included planes: L049A, L749, and L749 (with SpeedPack — a cunningly designed under fuselage freight container) and the L1049H which also gets additional tip tanks making this add-on very good value.

Just Flight lists the following features of this unique expansion pack:

  • Normal (bump) mapping creating extremely realistic airframe skins
  • Specular material effects replicate the signature metal airframes
  • High definition DDS textures that are frame rate friendly
  • FSX SP2 DX10 preview compatible

One caveat, you will have had to buy the JF Constellation Professional add-on (Download or Boxed) in order to use this additional package.  Both the Professional  and Expansion packs can be purchased from simMarket here.

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