Roussillon A̩ro Simulation РThe Tour de France in a Glider

Roussillon Aéro Simulation in a contemporary piece of marketing have just published anew FSX mission: “RAS – TOUR DE FRANCE IN GLIDING”.  So simmers if you are a cycling glider fan or a gliding cyclist, then this is the mission for you (or “par vous” in the vernacular).  You only need pedalling power to take-off and then you are soaring as free as a bird (or in my case a lump of lead)!

You get the fabulous “Roussillon” liveried FSX default DG808S glider to take the tour. You will take-off from the specifically designed Mount-Louis Quillane (LFNQ) aerodrome and complete a ‘Round Robin’ returning there after flying 1600nm over 19 stages.

The route doesn’t actually follow the cycling stages of the 2010 T de F it is more like a magical mystery tour of the French stages.  The scenery is breathtaking,  you skirt the Mediterranean, climb into the Alps (no cramp here) and head West into deepest France. In the Interior, you will encounter the magnificent abbey of the Mount-saint Michel, the beautiful Breton peninsula (Little Britain) before returning to Mount-Louis via the Atlantic Coast. This mission is a lot of fun and if you add some of the fantastic add-on scenery it is absolutely stunning.
Check out the RAS website with a CLICK. 
There are two versions. One in French and one in English, but unfortunately there isn’t one in “Franglais”.

The mission is available here and excellent scenery is available from various publishers on the simMarket site here.

The actual 2010 T de F route for budding cyclists:

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