Pre-Flight Radio Controlled Simulations – Solar Impulse Mission

If you are into Radio Controlled simulations then Pre-Flight software offer you a unique experience.  It has many of the features found in today’s modern flight simulators.  Version 6 is now available and this includes further enhancements including a fast advanced graphics engine, advanced lighting, superb shadow & smoke effects, superior model functionality, and fully-interactive animated photo-scenery objects.  Also on offer from Pre-Flight is a free mission featuring the recent Solar Impulse flight which features a solar powered plane that flew for nearly 24 hours, using its inbuilt charged batteries to keep airborne during the darkness hours.

Pre-Flight state: “This PRE-Flight model is actually 2 models in one – a humongous 1/4 scale model (15.85m wingspan) and a smaller 1/16th scale model of the historical aircraft. It features movable controls, realistic solar cell arrays on its wings and “toothpick” outriggers and main landing gear which operate faithfully.”

So if you are a radio control aficionado head over to Pre-Flight and grab this new free mission and Pre-Flight offer a free demo of  Version 6 here.

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