Heliwest plans to integrate Elite Simulator into wider training platform

“Having had six months experience of using an Elite Simulation Solutions S623T helicopter dual pilot simulator – bought because it came well recommended, has excellent features and was competitively priced — the Heliwest Group in Australia is now planning to expand its use further.”

“The group is based at Jandakot Airport, near Perth in Western Australia and currently uses the Elite S623T for IFR and CAR 217 training and for staff development. The Elite S623T is configured to represent the Eurocopter AS355F1 Twin Squirrel and has built-in visual scenery of two oil rigs and one ship, RealView satellite image coverage of Australia South West, 3D of the environment of Jandakot Airport, a 3-channel CAVE visual system, EFIS instrumentation and original Garmin GNS530 GPS. Heliwest’s chief ground instructor, Tim Hand, said: “The 3D detail of Jandakot, and graphics around Jandakot, is very good. The simulator is used for IFR and CAR 217 training and for staff development. It came well recommended, pricing was competitive and it has excellent features – the 270 degree CAVE, for example – and we have plans to integrate it into Night VFR training and some CPL training. “The system allows for economical advanced training and aircrew currency, gives staff and students the opportunity to practice with the latest technology and offers the ability to conduct advanced emergency situations training.” For Heliwest, formed in 1992, the Elite S623T is their first simulator, which is fully CASA certified. The company specialises in EMS roles and also carries out oil rig work as required, for which twin engine helicopters such as the AS355F1 are needed for safety reasons. Elite’s marketing and sales manager, René Huddlestone, said: “We configured the S623T to offer Heliwest the widest range of facilities to help train pilots to handle the sort of conditions they will find when servicing oil rigs, and the system is expandable with further features in future.”

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