Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D at EAA Air Venture

“HotSeat Chassis will demonstrate Lockheed Martin’sPrepar3D simulation software in both 2025 in Hanger B at EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh, WI this week. HotSeat Chassis manufacturers low and medium fidelity Flight Simulators used for procedural training. “

“The companies Pilot Pro has 3 Surround View screens, a cockpit display and the companies latest  Instrument Pod, with analog radios, autopilot, auxiliary console and a multi display Cube, all fully functional in  Prepar3D.  

The HotSeat Pilot Pro delivers Surround Views and Sound  in a rugged and reliable training  platform. Lockheed Martin recognized the effectiveness of HotSeat’s low cost platform and can deliver Prepar3D as a turn key available with HotSeat’s variety of simulators for both  Fixed Wing and Helicopter training. Prepar3D allows many participantsto train in the Same World  including planes, ships, armor and manpower.

The HotSeat Pilot Pro flying Prepar3D  is  available on the HotSeat Motion Platform.

Contact : Jay LeBoff at Oshkosh or Hotseat Chassis 860-582-5031   Web:

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