Endless Virtavia new products

Virtavia launched various FSX products at simMarket : here they are listed in one place : MH-53J Pavelow III, F-106 Delta Dart, English Electric Canberra B.MK2, De Havilland Vampire T.11, H-60 Black Hawk, A-6E Intruder, EA-6B Prowler, Gee Bee Super Sportster, and Rutan 61 Long E-Z. Visit also their place at

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  1. They’re new to simMarket AND new to Virtavia! 🙂

    To anyone confused, Virtavia is a new company set up by the founder of Alphasim, so if you bought any of the above models from Alphasim, you won’t want to buy them again with a Virtavia banner across the top instead. If you haven’t got them from Alphasim, however, then they’re worth a look. Just don’t get me started on the impossibly banana shaped engines on the A-6 (they’re very wrong, but apparently “look good” so who cares about what the real jet looks like, hey?).

  2. i fixed it ian… in the mean time and since this news there is 4 more virtavia releases on simmarket…

  3. I bought the HU-16 ALBATROSS and found it to be the best airframe replica yet. Two things are holding this sim model from real sales.

    No Albatross ever was made that did not have swing down landing lights under both wings. The model is equipped with the landing light switch, but it does nothing. It may be, having flown the Albatross, that the artist heard that landing lights were not always used at night, which is true for some night water landing where the lights caused a glare if used. But remember the plane has rollers for hard surface landings as well, at night.

    The instrument panel does not match the later years of this use (and included texture sets) to do instrument approaches. Such cannot be done in the present panel. It needs a second undated panel opt.

    With these changes, this could be a real winner.

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