Freeware / Donationware for New Zealand

At FS Creations New Zealand website, there are photo-realistic scenery of the North Island and Christchurch with several hundred square miles of coverage as freeware or donationware for FSX

Revise them here.

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  1. This is some of the best Photoreal Scenery I have ever seen and you even get to download the Freeware Versions for testing and the Full Versions for only $9.95 and some cover as much as 2000 sq miles. You can’t go wrong.

  2. But wait, much of this stuff, if not all, has been available as freeware in the past. Sure it is good to get it all under one umbrella and maybe you cannot get the free stuff any more?? Anyway, user choice. If you think it is a good deal go ahead. I will be waiting on other projects underway at the moment. As well, I see has just uploaded NZ textures , the first of 4 very large files. You need all four to make the customized textures work. At over 470 Gbytes per part I wll be taking a rain check until someone reviews it

  3. Ray, I just download the first part at and it’s 470mb’s not Gbytes… big difference !!

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