Airbus X — Preview IV

This is the last preview of the Aerosoft Airbus X. Filmed during the beta test flights.

Find older informations in Aerosoft forum about exterior light effects here.

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  1. Hmmmm – I know its a beta, but the engine fans look like 2D plates, not realistic. The nose wheel on takeoff flicking about like that – some fine tuning needs to go on there – and the actual images all look stretched and unrealistic. The Engine Sound is good and the gauge displays look very promising and hint of complex systems and intent.

  2. “and the actual images all look stretched and unrealistic….”

    Not on my PC they aren’t, I would check you are using the correct aspect ratio for your monitor as things look perfect to me here.

    And yes this is a video from the beta, the nose wheel has been fixed now as far as it can be in FSX.

  3. I’ll hope that the products is made less quick and dirty as this video. I did see some movements i would not make in my Airbus and i heard FSX ws all about reality.

  4. The product is still in beta testing, so not complete, but nevertheless it is a mid-range product Ray – many systems are present but not all and it is not aimed at the PMDG, CS “Pro Series”, LDS, etcetera level of simmer. It’s aimed as a step up from the defaults but, as I have seen written several times, not requiring ‘hours of manual reading before you can use it’.

    The distorted views in the video are down to the us of TrackIR or similar and zoom levels, which do create a “fisheye” effect in the video that is not present on the actual model. I’m testing it using a hat switch rather than head tracking and have not seen any fisheye effects at all.

    As to the level of “reality”, well, FSX is as real or unrealistic as each user wants it to be with the add-ons they choose and the way they choose to fly them. That’s true in general, not just of this product. I’ve never tried looping the Airbus, but probably could – easily if I turned crash detection off. Actually, I might try that later, just for the sake of it… 😉

    There is still fine turning, tweaking and bug squashing going on, but it is already quite a usable package for the market it is aimed at and getting better with each update to the beta.

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