Premier Atlanta Air Traffic Control Site Adds Features, Changes Domain

“ gives a tower-eye view of skies over the world’s busiest passenger airport
Creative Net Ventures, Inc. (CNVI) today announced that it has significantly upgraded, one of the internet’s oldest and most popular air traffic control audio and radar websites, and re-launched it as
New and improved features native to, which gives visitors a virtual seat in front of an air-traffic controller’s console, include 10X faster radar image refreshes, ten channels of live pilot-to-controller radio communications, archived radio highlights, and a streamlined user interface.
“We’ve always focused on providing professional and student pilots and air traffic controllers, flight simulation gamers, and other aviation and transportation buffs 24/7 live streams of the radar feeds and pilot-to-controller radio channels directing traffic in out of the Atlanta air corridor,” CNVI CEO Joel Lesser said. “Now that we’ve vastly increased our video delivery speed, doubled our available audio channels, and enhanced the look and user-friendliness of the site, we believe it only makes sense to add more specificity to our domain name.”
In addition to providing real-time video and audio streams of radar and radio communications controlling Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport’s approximately 2,700 daily flights, now offers subscribers access to interesting Radio Highlights that have been pointed out by users.  Radio Highlights include emergencies such as engine outs, medical emergencies, and humorous exchanges between pilots and air traffic controllers., an FAA-approved and National Air Traffic Controllers-endorsed website, was established (as in September 2000, one year after Hartsfield-Jackson officially became the world’s busiest airport in terms of both passenger count and number of flights. (More than 88 million and 970,000, respectively, in 2009.)”

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  1. airtrafficatlanta is one of the coolest websites I have ever seen on the web. thank you so much for letting me know about it!

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