Expo shows the way forward for flight sim events

We missed publishing the following press release received from the Astrasim Expo offices two days ago: “ Astrasim Expo Summer Sim 2010 was held at the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford, UK, over the weekend of August 28-29.

Our first show at this world class venue lived up to everything we expected and more, with record attendances over the two days ensuring a success for all. Official figures showed 3,831 visitors came to Summer Sim.

The events aim was to raise awareness of flight simulation by not just attracting the hard core flight sim enthusiast but also the general public who may not have seen flight simulation before on the scale it was exhibited at the show. Introducing new people to the genre is an important part of making an event like this work. It also helps build and secure a bright future for flight simulation.

Top companies from the UK and further afield attended including Flight 1 and Just Flight, VRinsight, Flightstore, Komodo Simulations, Fury Technology, Creative Cockpits, Fly UK Virtual Airline, Sherburn User Group and our sponsors for the event PC Pilot. We also had Imagineering in attendance on the Saturday.

Another major attraction was the first showing anywhere worldwide of the 2010 display by the Virtual Blue Angels.

John Marshall, Managing Director of Astrasim Expo said “Summer Sim 2010 was a great success and everyone had a fantastic time. We are already looking forward to next year with the hope of bringing more companies and organisations to what can only be described as an event not to be missed!

We also have 3,831 other reasons why Astrasim Expo will return in 2011

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  1. Excuse the cynicism, but how can you have record figures for the first running of the event and seeing as the only people counting seemed to be the RAF musuem counting people in at the front door rather than counting people in to the event, I’d love to know how they could tell the number of people who actually visited the corner of Hangar 1.

    The last weekend of the school holidays and some seriously nice weather put a lot of parents with children at the museum on the Saturday we were there, at least, but most of the people around the single sales and six or so display stands were middle aged or above.

    That said, for what it was the event wasn’t at all bad. With any luck it will have introduced a lot of people whose only experience of flight simming was a console shoot-em-up to the world of “proper” flight simulation and it was a well timed and presented first go, despite competition from the Duxford show this weekend as well. With only a couple of hours’ drive between the two, I strongly suspect people who would otherwise have gone to Cosford will be going to the significantly larger Duxford event instead.

    All in all, well put together and presented, but with only one “major” publisher present, it needs to be a fair bit bigger to be a real success. It certainly has the potential and scope to grow, though.

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