FSGenesis New 19m Terrain Mesh Product Line

“FSGenesis has begun the release of a new international terrain mesh product line derived from the 30m ASTER GDEM dataset.

The first two countries of this new product line, Israel and Lebanon are freeware and may be downloaded from the FSGenesis store without charge.”

” Three additional products, Jordan, Syria and Iraq, are now available for purchase and immediate download, for both FS2004 and FSX.  These products are compiled at 19m horizontal resolution (LOD11) with a vertical resolution of .5m.  More countries will be coming online on regular basis, so check back often.

While the ASTER GDEM dataset is not nearly as mature and refined as, say, the NED, CDED, or SRTM source data, with proper preprocessing and massaging, it can still create high-quality, high-resolution terrain mesh products for areas outside of North America.  The raw ASTER source data is not without its problems, but FSGenesis has reworked it where necessary to remove artifacts, and the end result is a definite improvement on the low-resolution default terrain mesh.

For more information, purchase, and downloads simply go to”

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