World Flight 2010

“WORLD FLIGHT is a worldwide event, a virtual round the world flight in “Fixed-Base Flight Simulators”.

The goal is to raise money for charity purposes.”
“The World Flight Team Austria FLY737, René Billiani and Norbert Pflug-Hofmayr, provide this year their 737NG-Simulator again, to circle around the world in real time, in 45 legs, 7 days a week, around the clock. The event starts on November 1st until November 7th. As every year the donation sum will be handed over to the “Christophorus Flugrettungsverein”, operating rescue helicopters on 16 bases in Austria.

Link to the FLY737 WORLD FLIGHT site:

In total 9 participants from around the globe raise money for their own charities by conducting their own events, e.g. the Royal Flying Doctors in Australia, the ORBIS Flying Hospital and many more. All teams depart from YSSY „Sydney International Airport“ to arrive – after 7 days – in Sydney again.

Link to the official WORLD FLIGHT site:

Booking is open now!”

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